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Bespoke Sport offer specialist insurance exclusively for sports people. Whether you play sport for a living or if it’s a hobby, we can help. Playing sports can come with financial risks if you were ever injured and unable to continue playing or unable to go to work. The protection policies we can put in place will ensure you can play the sport you love with financial peace of mind.

Fracture cover is what makes Bespoke Sport different from the rest. Being covered against broken bones and other similar injuries brings that added financial reassurance in case anything were to happen to you on or off the field. This is similar to income protection cover which will ensure your wages are still paid if you find yourself unable to work due to illness or injury.

The life insurance we offer is here to help your family financially if you passed away. They would be offered either a lump sum or monthly payments depending on which policy was taken out.

Critical illness is something we all hope we never have to face. Especially if this stopped you playing sport and bringing income into the family. This cover is here in case you ever find that you are in this difficult situation. Your finances will be protected and you and your family will have some financial peace of mind in case you were ever in this circumstance.

Jordan Galloway

Bespoke Sport

Jordan has previously worked as a full-time footballer for Stoke City FC and as a P.E. specialist in primary education so he understands first-hand the importance of tailored insurance products when you work in the sporting industry. He loves the opportunity to give his clients and their families financial peace of mind if the worst were to happen both on and off their field/stage of play.

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