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Bespoke Health offers revolutionary life insurance products where you can work towards endless rewards as part of your cover rewards. If you have a passion for health and fitness, lead an active lifestyle or are making an effort to improve your health, cover with Bespoke Health is perfect for you.

We can find the perfect life insurance policy for you based on your personal circumstances and budget. Our personal protection plans include life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection - three very important things to consider when obtaining your cover with Bespoke.

Life insurance cover will protect your family from any financial worries they may face if you were no longer around. This could be paid out in a lump sum or via monthly payments, depending on which policy you choose.

Critical illness cover is designed to protect you financially if you find yourself diagnosed with a critical illness. Leading a healthy active lifestyle helps reduce the risks of some critical illnesses, but as we can’t predict what is around the corner, this cover is some added peace of mind. The provider will pay out a lump sum upon the unfortunate circumstance of a diagnosis, to relieve financial strain at a difficult time for you and your family.

Income protection is there to give you the financial cover you need if you are ever unable to work due to illness or injury. Accidents happen, whether you’re out exercising and get injured, or simply find yourself unwell, this cover is there to cushion your fall.

With a range of options available to you, we can ensure you are covered under every aspect you may need, so you can live your healthy, active lifestyle with knowing you and your family are protected.

Nathan Steel

Bespoke Health

Nathan came to work at Bespoke Financial Group five years ago, after an exciting career coaching football across the pond in North Carolina and New Jersey. With his background in health and fitness and his passion for inspiring people after seeing how claims can benefit families, Nathan has become an integral cog in the Bespoke Health team.

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