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Bespoke Extreme offer insurance to extreme sports people. If you participate in a dangerous sport, it is important to be covered. With the increased element of risk that comes with extreme sports, many are under the impression their cover will be hard to obtain, but we’re here to break that stigma and get everyone in the industry the vital cover they need.

We can find the perfect life insurance policy for you based on your personal circumstances and budget. Our personal protection plans can include life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection - three very important things to consider when obtaining your cover with Bespoke.

Life insurance is the essential cover that will help your family financially if you passed away. Many providers will pay out a lump sum following a claim, others will pay out in monthly payments. These options can be discussed when taking out your cover. It goes without saying extreme sport brings a larger element of risk, therefore this cover is important to have if you participate in any extreme sport.

We can also offer policies for critical illness and income protection. Critical illness is something we all hope we never have to face. This cover is here in case you ever find that you are in this difficult situation. Your finances will be protected and you and your family will have some financial peace of mind in case you were ever in this circumstance.

Income protection is there to give you the financial cover you need if you are ever unable to work due to illness or injury. Accidents happen, whether you’re out doing the extreme sport you love, or simply find yourself unwell, this cover is there to cushion your fall.

Speak to us today to get the cover you need and enjoy your extreme sport even more with the added peace of mind Bespoke Extreme can give you.

Simon Walton

Bespoke Extreme

Simon heads up the Bespoke Extreme team as Brand Leader and Senior Financial Advisor. When considering the element of risk that comes with extreme activity, many believe that insurance cover will be hard to obtain. Simon’s dream is to show people that big goals can be achieved by helping clients secure their future no matter where their adventures may take them.

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