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Bespoke Extra Care are exclusively inclusive. We specialise in finding life insurance for those with disabilities, or a carer for your children whom are disabled. Many people are under the impression they can’t get covered due to their disability and we’re here to help. If you’ve struggled getting covered in the past, speak to us today to see how we can help you or how we can help your family if you were no longer here.

Life insurance is the essential cover that will help your family financially if you passed away. Many providers will pay out a lump sum following a claim, others will pay out in monthly payments. These options can be discussed when taking out your cover.

Critical illness is something we all hope we never have to face. Especially if this stopped you playing sport and bringing income into the family. This cover is here in case you ever find that you are in this difficult situation. Your finances will be protected and you and your family will have some financial peace of mind in case you were ever in this circumstance.

Income protection is there to give you the financial cover you need if you are ever unable to work due to illness or injury. If you have an accident or simply find yourself unwell, this cover is there to cushion your fall.

Simon Duffy

Bespoke Extra Care

Simon is the Brand Leader at Bespoke Extra Care and has been at Bespoke since day one! Maintaining the motto ‘Exclusively Inclusive,’ Extra Care is committed to improving the options for those living with disabilities. With his wealth of experience working with children and adults in care homes, Simon is personally dedicated to meeting new people, sharing in their experiences and ultimately protecting families for whatever the future may hold.

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